Rikaikyun Beta released

I reached the stage at which Rikaikyun appears to be fully usable (though I haven’t made a lot of tests), so I decided to release it to public (not that it was hidden from public before). You can grab the APK and source code from here. Note the APK will probably not work on anything less than Android 4.


You can also test the app in Chrome using the device emulation mode (you have to run Chrome with the –allow-file-access-from-files flag on). For running the app in chrome there is also a special Chrome hack option that allows emulating pressing back button by going back in browsers history.


4 thoughts on “Rikaikyun Beta released

  1. Thank you so much for making this app! Currently, I’m in the middle of downloading the apk. The screenshot looks good and promising. I’m looking forward trying it out!


  2. Thank you very much for the app! The looks remind me of that of Kindle. It works really nice on my Zenfone Selfie. The app seems to support only UTF-8 txt and html. When I open Aozora Bunko text, the texts become a bunch of weird characters.
    If you still develop the app, what’s left to do, I think, is ruby support, more customization on the font (choice, color…), horizontal/vertical reading, etc. Yet this things are optional after all.


    • I wrote the app with the intention to use on an eink device, hence the similarities to Kindle reader (though since then my eink tablet broke down). Things that should be worth developing are:

      – rewrite the presentation of text; right now when you load a big file, the app starts acting sluggish; additionally currently images take the whole page regardless of how big they are; rewriting the presentation portion should help solving those two issues; what I have in mind is writing a page based presentation or simply loading more text on the fly

      – It should be possible to add epub support (although it’ll take a bit of work and might not work on Androids lower than 4.4)

      – There should be an option to zoom images

      – There is an additional reason to add custom font support; Some android fonts have a number of incorrect kanji; it’s very likely those are valid Chinese characters, but they appear in place of different (though similar) kanji


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